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Subject: RE: [powderworks] 1993 MTV Unplugged Seed?
From: "Simon Kierse" <skierse@netspace.net.au>
Date: 26/04/2014, 9:40 pm

Hi all,


This dude has a copy of the MTV audio recording.




He appears to have everything.  He is open for trades but since he has it all I am not sure what you can trade him.






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Not sure there was ever a seed for this, but there was an audio of the complete set which included stuff never broadcast even in the hour long version of Unplugged and then much later a video did surface of the complete show including the missing songs like Antarctica, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, etc.


I don't recall if that was ever seeded out via torrents or if it was done as a tree or something.





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As far as I remember there is the broadcast video and an audio recording that has some stuff on it that didn't make the broadcast.  As far as I know there isn't a video recording that includes everything.



Hi Chris,

Don’t have it unfortunately but it would be nice.  I actually like watching video footage of the oils rather than the audio stuff.  So I would love the entire MTV Unplugged set on video.  I heard someone describe it as a mythical complete set so it must be rare but it should be out there somewhere..  Anyway good luck if I see the audio stuff on the many torrent sites I visit I will let you know.




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Subject: [powderworks] 1993 MTV Unplugged Seed?


Hi Workers'
Whilst their has been a resurgence of seedings for live shows, can anyone reseed
the complete 93 MTV unplugged show?
I found it on Kickass but its dormant.
Anyone - anywhere - please?