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Date: 3/04/2014, 10:08 am
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No worries at all. The bigger question is - how the hell can Australia survive like this? I work in retail and it is beyond salvation - salaries are so high we can't afford to put more staff on. The staff I look after are scraping by on reduced hours.   Let's not even talk about health care and education which the rest of my family is in - if we could import labour into Australia trust me, the employers would jump at it. And essentially that is what BP has done, except the processing plant happens to be based in Singapore. 

Someone tell me some good new!

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Hi Kate,

Sorry to hear the bad news for your family - bad timing on my part. I hadn't heard about BP workers at the time I sent the email.

All the best,

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Please be nice to fossil fuel company employees today. My husband just lost his job at BP as Asia can produce a lot more, a lot lot more cheaply and put it on a boat bound for brisbane and still make a profit.   Around 40 engineers alone are being made redundant from his site and the only industry that he has any very faint hope of getting a job with is - you guessed it - mining, oil and gas and maybe coal seam gas. So they may be bastards but unfortunately those bastards pay my mortgage and groceries. :-(

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No real reason for posting this...other than it's a cracking good song and has a nice mix of live footage from the Exxon protest guerrilla show, and given that fossil fuel companies are still running as rampant (if not more) compared to a couple of decades ago while the world cooks, such a protest is as apt as ever.