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It’s a bit like protesting a war – you don’t like what is going on, but that doesn’t mean you hate or blame the individual soldiers who are in the middle of it.





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Hi Kate,

Sorry to hear the bad news for your family - bad timing on my part. I hadn't heard about BP workers at the time I sent the email.

All the best,


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Please be nice to fossil fuel company employees today. My husband just lost his job at BP as Asia can produce a lot more, a lot lot more cheaply and put it on a boat bound for brisbane and still make a profit.   Around 40 engineers alone are being made redundant from his site and the only industry that he has any very faint hope of getting a job with is - you guessed it - mining, oil and gas and maybe coal seam gas. So they may be bastards but unfortunately those bastards pay my mortgage and groceries. :-(

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No real reason for posting this...other than it's a cracking good song and has a nice mix of live footage from the Exxon protest guerrilla show, and given that fossil fuel companies are still running as rampant (if not more) compared to a couple of decades ago while the world cooks, such a protest is as apt as ever.