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Subject: Re: [powderworks] One place left in the world - "scientific" whaling harpooned!
From: david earle
Date: 1/04/2014, 9:52 am
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Great news indeed! 

I saw PG on a panel at WOMADelaide a few weeks ago (the ABC was filming it, so I imagine it might pop up on Big Ideas on ABC24 at some stage) One point he made was that it's crucial for the public to keep up pressure on politicians on environmental issues, 'cause otherwise they'll take their eyes off the ball, including legislation such as the current govt is introducing to give environmental approvals back to the state level (PG was particularly scathing of Campbell Newman in this context). Anyway, this is where groups like Sea shepherd, Greenpeace, the ACF and all the others come into play. 

PG also said that getting the then govt to take on the Japanese over this issue was difficult too - a lot of ministers thought taking on one of our largest trading partners over something like this was not a great idea. To PG's (and others like Mark Dreyfus) credit, they did get it up and here we are.

Finally, as this is a MO forum after all, also at WOMADelaide were pioneering indigenous band Coloured stone. Lead singer Bunna Lawrie took a moment to thank someone for performing duties on the drum kit for their performance. No prizes for guessing who that was. So we had at least two fifths of MO at WOMADelaide. No, PG didn't get up and provide vocal assistance to Bunna and co, and he didn't give anything away about what his plans were despite the chair of his session Bernie Hobbs asking quite insistently at the end. So perhaps we can't read anything Oily into the presence of RH and PG at the same music festival, but...


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Subject: [powderworks] One place left in the world - "scientific" whaling harpooned!

Wonderful news!