Midnight Oil

Subject: Haircut
From: "Jeff and Jane Scott" <jscott@iinet.net.au>
Date: 23/02/2014, 6:54 pm
To: <echoes@meddle.org>, <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au>, <hunnas@yahoogroups.com>

Hi all


Apologies for some minor spamming to the good fans of Pink Floyd, Midnight Oil and H&C but it’s in a good cause…


My young’un Ben has decided to shave his head for charity in a couple of weeks time.  This is a pretty brave decision for a 12 year old, particularly one with a head the size of a watermelon and hair as wild as a Keith Moon drum solo. (See attached photo) (Photo is of Ben’s head, not a Keith Moon drum solo)


The big shave-off is due to take place on Sunday 16th at our surf club at City Beach.  The link below will provide all the info and the means to donate should you be so inclined.