Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: Oils Photo - early '80s
From: Adrian Hooper
Date: 21/01/2014, 5:52 am
To: "powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au" <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au>


What a great pic. I'd be really keen to find out when this was. Seems like Pete is wearing a 10-1 barcode singlet which you would think would place this post late '82. To my knowledge and confirming on the Midnight Oil live review http://mandonnet.jeremie.perso.neuf.fr/lreview.html , the only time the Oils where in this neck of the woods (I live in Innisfail) was in 1985 for the Steel Base Slide tour:

25 Nov 1985 - Kuranda Amphitheatre, Cairns, QLD (Australia)
27 Nov 1985 - Soundshell, Townsville, QLD (Australia)
28 Nov 1985 - Music Bowl, Rockhampton, QLD (Australia)
29 Nov 1985 - Main Beach, Gold Coast, QLD (Australia)

Innisfail is an hour south of Cairns. Did they play a unscheduled gig on the 26th?

Did they venture into the wilds of North Queensland prior to this?  I was a kid growing up in Rocky when the played that '85 tour (I missed it) and I thought it was their first time in regional Queensland. I know Cold Chisel played Cairns,Townsville, Mackay, Rocky, etc in the early '80s but i didn't think the Oils did. 

Anyone shed any light?

(Oh, and that deafening speaker is Giffo's bass cab!)


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