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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Top 16 things about being an American Midnight Oil fan
From: James Warren
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17. You are uplifted for about a week at hearing "Dead Heart" being played at a gas station in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California.

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I like the one about Rabbit Proof Fence.

It is sad. I heard BaB on the 80's weekend station and that is the best I can ever hope for.


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All spot on sir except for the Yothu Yindi one, Oils fans knew about them many moons ago, heck they OPENED for Midnight Oil shows in the states. I met all of Yothu Yindi in person before I ever met the Oily ones. Tribal Voice is still heavily played and my old Yothu Yindi t-shirt gets the oddest looks.
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Some of this is true for me, some of it is exaggerated, but I think maybe some of you might also relate. All these things just hit me yesterday, for some reason. Maybe some of you have something else to add. (and for the record, although I'm more than a casual fan, I don't go as far as to be a psycho-fanatic). 

16. You meet somebody from Australia. When you bring up the subject, you are disappointed that they don't share the passion for the Oils that you have. 

15. You are annoyed that you are only likely to hear "Beds are Burning" played anywhere, but at least its better than nothing. 

14.People you've known only for a short while don't understand your sudden interest in this Australian Surf Band, but people who know you well enough don't even need to ask why. 

13.You are annoyed when you hear the "Crocodile Dundee" jokes about the fad in the 1980s in America for Australian Pop Culture, but you're a little ashamed to admit you thought they were funny before you were an Oils fan. 

12.Your interest in movies like "Rabbit Proof Fence" and "Walkabout" stem from being an Oils fan, but you won't admit it to your friends when they rib you about it. 

11.You wish more friends of yours shared your love of Midnight Oil, and more people appreciated them around you, but at the same time you feel you are exclusively receptive to something that makes you cooler than everybody else. 

10.Other than other fans at whatever Midnight Oil show(s) you've been lucky enough to attend in the past, you are the only person you ever see wearing a Midnight Oil T-shirt. (Where did they all go?)

9.You put aside $200 for when or if the Holy Grail of a Midnight Oil boxed-set comes out, and you won't use it for anything else, even when you need it to pay the rent. 

8. You assume that other Oils fans must think like you do, and you are shocked when you see on "Powderworks" that many don't. (But you get used to it). 

7.Your encounter with Bones Hillman was as big a deal for you (if not bigger) than meeting Paul McCartney, but only two or three of your Facebook friends bother to comment or click the "like" button when you post there about it. 

6.You know a lot about Peter Garrett, and also Rob, Martin, Jim, all three bassists AND Gary Morris, but if you're lucky, you're most likely to meet somebody else who remembers that "big bald guy" once in a great while.

5. You actually shell out $50 for the books "Willie's Bar and Grill" and "Beds Are Burning" to be shipped to your home from Dymock's, because you want it as soon as possible, and you don't care of some third-party seller on amazon can sell it to you at a cheaper price later.  

4. You scour ebay, amazon, musicstack.com and elsewhere for those "maxi-single CDs", EPs, and records with those songs on them not on the regular album. Your quest to find them costs you about $200 over a period of time, when you probably could have found a place to download them somehow for nothing. 

3. You berate yourself for not being familiar with Yothu Yindi BEFORE the news of their front man's death, then you start with their "Tribal Voice" album. 

2. You burn a "mix tape" CD for some a guy/girl you've met on OkCupid or some other dating site. You include at least three under-appreciated gems by the Oils, such as "Kosociusko," and "Luritja Way". You're mentally holding your breath that s/he will notice, and mention those songs without your asking. 

1. It is on your "Bucket List" to see the Oils again once they (hopefully) perform again, which is most likely to be in Australia, not here. But you are so pissed and jealous because you doubt you'll be able to make the trip to Oz on short notice, and other fans who live Down Under will be more likely to. 

James Warren

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