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I agree it's inevitable... But I hope they wouldn't turn into what they all feared which is traveling crooners in velvet jacks hitting up twin towns during sensible hours before bed....

I do think though Garret's time in politics could create a nice energy of disagreement internally and externally and as they have all said, mo is much better when it's pissed off.

As long as they did secret warm up gigs for us workers, I would be happy anyway....

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I think at this stage, its best to let the members of MO who are in other bands to finish off their rounds of scheduled gigs, recordings and so on for now. The other thing I am happy for MO to do lets say a 12 -15 shows around Australia's capital cities, including Darwin and Hobart. Having said that it does require rehearsals, tour planning, song selections and so on. I think this would take about 6 months or so before the full picture is clear. I just want MO fans to be realistic.

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Somehow I feel intuitively that it's inevitable that they will play again. I'd have no objection to it happening sooner,(none of us would, I'm sure) but at the same time, after maybe a few more years, it would be more exciting to see it happen then. But then again, Pete's 60 (but maybe he can still pull it off at 70, I like to think). And his time in politics, for better or worse, would definitely change him as a performer; we'd see him in a different light, no doubt. I wonder if it would change his chemistry with the rest of them. I'd love for new songs/album, (again as we all would) but somehow I feel that's a bit of a steep request at this point. 

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