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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Schumann on Garrett story
From: david earle
Date: 6/07/2013, 12:25 pm
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Midnight Oil

Yes and no. I think it's more to do with the expectations of fans and other members of the public than the individuals themselves.
I don't know enough about the upcoming crop of musically inclined candidates to comment, but as for PG and Schumann - both have been involved in politics beyond their musical activities - in the case of Schumann, he was on Meg Lees' staff prior to standing for, and nearly getting, Alexander Downer's seat for the Aust Dems, while of course PG stood for the Senate in 84, was active as a lobbyist/activist before and after that, until finally getting his seat in 2004.
So, maybe JS's observations about it not being the same fronting a band as it is in politics might be applicable to the newbies, but there's no way either he or PG could realistically have gone in expecting to be the centre of political attention in the same way as they were on stage.
Whilst some disappointment with PG might be understandable, I don't think he ever set out to be some sort of political messiah, as anyone who saw his interview with Annabel Crabb on Kitchen cabinet a year or two ago will be aware. If you're part of a political party, you have to either tow the line, or be someone with a high profile but not necessarily much actual influence. All you can do is try to be true to yourself within the confines of the party, and hope your arguments have enough sway to change things (as PG tried to do on uranium mining)
As for JS's comments about Angry Anderson being no more qualified to enter politics than his taxi driver (or indeed any person of any form of employment I would add) - probably true, but you could say that of plenty of politicians!
One could speculate that JS's comments have something to do with the acidity of his grapes, having not got into parliament himself, but I couldn't possibly comment.

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Not much to disagree with there.
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Read this. John Schumann had a few things to say about rock star candidates. Will probably ruffle a few of your feathers, but hey! Thats what robust conversation is about! http://newmatilda.com/2013/07/01/moshpit-backbench
Feel free to comment in the commenst section.
"We will ride, ride, ride one more mile...Let's Ride!"

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