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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Capricornia and Kiss that Girl
From: Stuart Tangye
Date: 20/06/2013, 4:51 pm

The three songs definitely included "Dead Heart" and "You may not be released". I too thought the other was "Warakurna"



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If I recall this was discussed in some documentary or something I have on video. Dead Heart obviously was the primary song, and I'm not 100% sure about Beds but the 3rd song was a song that I do believe ended up being a Ghostwriters song and never made an Oils album. I have no idea if I can find where I heard this info, but maybe someone else with random Oils facts floating in their melons can add their 2cents.
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I'm sure Beds was one of the 3 songs they offered to the Aboriginal people, not Warakurna.
Also I didn't know You may not be released was the 3rd one. I'd always heard they offered 3 but never heard the 3rd one mentioned.


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You are correct with that, first pressing's of Blue Sky Mining had the bonus track " You May Not Be Released " . The other point of interest withthat track it was 1 of the 3 song"s offered up for the handing back of Uluru to its original owner's. The other 2 being The Dead Heart & Warakurna.


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Hi all,

I see someone is selling a Capricornia promo on ebay. It's a 12 track version with Kiss That Girl as track 10. I know it was eventually released as a bonus track on the German version of Capricornia, but from this it seems that it was a serious contender for inclusion on the album proper.
It's like Neil Finns first solo album. The promo version had a track called Spirit of the Stairs which was taken off the final release and remains unreleased. Also INXS's Listen Like Thieves album had 2 extra tracks on a test pressing that have never been leaked or released since. I'm dying to hear them.

Now I wonder how many other Oils albums had tracks like this. I think You May Not be released is similar.