Midnight Oil

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Date: 8/05/2013, 5:34 am
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Doesn't sound very hopeful for the box set. 

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Subject: [powderworks] Hirst interview

So what about the future of the band? Obviously you’ve broken up, but are we likely to see any more releases down the road? Is there much left in the vaults?
Not a lot, but there’s some. There’s some pretty good songs, and good versions of things we were having a look at, that somewhere down the track we might master up and put out for people that are interested in that kind of thing. Also, I’m co-curating the first ever Midnight Oil exhibition at the end of next year at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum, which will hopefully tour as well. I’ve actually been the archivist of the band for thirty years and I’ve got posters which go right back to the first one that we screenprinted ourselves at the back of 77 Albert Avenue, Chatswood, which was our home-base back then.