Midnight Oil

Subject: MTV Unplugged
From: "rocrusso" <rocrusso@gmail.com>
Date: 16/03/2013, 2:51 am
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

back in 1998 i was a design student at SVA in NYC and my graphic design instructor that year worked at MTV. She was able to give me a VHS of Midnight Oil Unplugged that I always meant to digitize to video and also make audio tracks, but never did.

I finally got around to doing that, its only VHS quality but its better than nothing if there isn't a better copy floating out there. The whole video is 50 minutes long and just over 1GB. 640x480 stereo.

first off, is there a better copy already available? if not, what is the best way to help share this with fellow Powderworkers? I am thinking i could post it on Dropbox and share that link (back in the late 90's i also used to host a MO ftp site for bootlegs, but probably couldn't handle the bandwidth for this right now)

i probably could break up the songs to individual videos to help share smaller files. Let me know what, if anything, we have in place. 


Set List:
Feeding Frenzy
Blue Sky Mine
Sell My Soul
In The Valley
Beds Are Burning
The Dead Heart
My Country