Midnight Oil

Subject: poll
From: "Jonathan 'The Wave'" <the1stwave@yahoo.com>
Date: 5/03/2013, 7:53 am
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

Nope, doesn't look like it!  That's a limitation of Yahoo Groups.  Facebook polls do allow for (1) write-in entries; and (2) more than 25 selections to be included.  (Yahoo caps it at 25.) 

To be honest, that makes the Yahoo poll much less appealing to me (the poster of the poll) because part of the point was to see, by popular opinion, what would be the next 36 tracks selected if we were to make 2 more discs' worth of Essential Oils?  

Maybe I'll try to put one on Facebook and send you a link to it.

The Wave

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Does the poll have an "other/write in" option?