Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Re: LMOC Cold Chisel vs Midnight Oil
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Date: 15/02/2013, 10:50 am
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Wow!  You can't argue with excellence!  Cold Chisel rocks!  There goes my lunch money!

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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Re: LMOC Cold Chisel vs Midnight Oil
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Re: [powderworks] Re: LMOC  Cold Chisel vs Midnight Oil
I agree – Cold Chisel were HUGE in their day and ever since. They won loads of awards, sold truck loads of albums, played to huge crowds across the country and even had the “audacity” to trash the set of the Countdown/TV Week music awards in 1981 to make a point about the uselessness of tabloid magazines. Check it out – classic TV footage.


Their recent reformation tour in 2011 sold out across Australia and NZ – playing in venues much larger than than on their final “Last Stand Tour”. When they announced their final shows (in 1983) they sold out 6 shows at the then just-opened Sydney Entertainment Centre which held 12 000 people. This was unprecedented for any artist at the time. Also, they had the honour – like Zeppellin and the Beatles – of having sold more albums after they broke up than when they were together. So there is no denying the love Australians have for Chisel.

And you can’t get much more of an Australian album than Circus Animals – put that on and it takes you to places all around the East Coast; songs like Houndog, Taipan and Wild Colonial Boy – then the tragedy of Letter to Alan brings it all back to the grit and grime of Sydney, Kings Cross in particular.

I only saw them once but it was spine tingling!

there are some interesting connections with the Oils to – apparently Chisel “gate crashed” the recording of Bird Noises at the Music Farm up in Byron Bay in 1980; Don Walker co-write Deeper Water on Jim Moginie’s Alas Folkloric and Jim wrote Healing Power of Helpless Laughter for the Tex Don and Charlie All is Forgiven CD. Check it out!



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   Let there be no doubt - CC was and is huge in Australian music.
 Far more commercial than MO, this is why they are both so loved, and in the same breath, not given their due artistically.
 In my very humble opinion, Ian Moss remains one of the most underrated vocalists in Australian Rock music.
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Possibly the Australian band that started it all was The Easybeats.  From memory _Friday on my Mind_ was voted the No1 song of the last 50 years or something.  Yeah here you go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APRA_Top_30_Australian_songs

As for Chisel, fine band - great live.  Oils and Chisel started the same time, Chisel made it 'big' ion Oz before the Oils.  At one stage, the Oils were support band for Chisel eg at Dapto Leagues.