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Subject: Re: [powderworks] No more rumours, we want facts.
From: Kate
Date: 28/11/2012, 5:16 pm
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And the launch of the box set is the perfect op to tour with- - I would say late next year with a handful of new recordings. The break will release as we know at the early part of next year, thereby creating enough of a gap in the schedules so as not to confuse the market. Garrett will need time off to become himself again. Isn't the end of year when the exhibition of memorabilia is slated for too? If none of this is happening, their labels marketing team need to be sacked as the dots line up for me in terms of return on investment!!!! (or give me a job!)

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I also noticed that Bones doesn't have anything in his news section and doesn't seem to be touring in the near future.

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As someone that has worked in marketing my whole life, you often release a tester product to see how the market responds before committing to a full run...... An album debuting at number seven for a brand that has been 'deleted from the market' for ten years Is certainly a strong indication, from a business $ point of view, that the product is worth investing in! Just saying.

Also consider that the front bench will be wiped out in less than three months, the recent doco which had members of the band hinting and questioning as to why they stopped in the first place, and the fact that three core members all live up the street from each other and still work together......

As a marketing person, I would say the plans have already been drawn up, budgets allocated and dates slotted in the program for the next 18 months. I hope anyway .....

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On 27/11/2012, at 8:07 AM, Miron Mizrahi <mironmizrahi@yahoo.com> wrote:

I am neither too excited nor too upset about this or the promised box set. Peter was in an interview about his current life and the interviewer pressured him on an irrelevant topic from his past life. So Peter did what all pollies (he is one after all) do and gave an answer which commits to nothing, rejects nothing and can be interpreted by anyone to suit what they want to hear.

Last time I spoke to him (makes me sound like an insider, doesn't it? fact is, it was also the first and only time) the impression I got was that it is all about stars aligning. If the opportunity arose, and the time was right, he'd do it. But he is not proactively doing nothing and from what we hear from the rest of the guys, they seem to be in the same boat.

Regarding a box set, my view is when it comes, I will judge. I am sure getting one out is a complex and long process. Like you said, the guys have a life. They - like many other artists in the same position - wish to "formalise" their legacy, but their focus is the present. The Break is not my thing. The music doesn't do it for me and its only saving grace is the fact that these are ex-Oils. But I respect their decision. I really do not see them going back to reforming the Oils. best case, they will do the odd show, which is fine by me. When it happens, I'll be there

How could people get so unkind?

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I too am excited about The Break.

If Midnight Oil were to re-form to play live but not record any new albums, I probably won't consider it a vital thing. (And I've been a committed fan for over 20 years.)
What The Break is doing is vital and real, and I think it is a great progression for the band. I really don't want to see a full Midnight Oil that is only living in the past. But new Midnight Oil music picking up where the awesomeness of Capricornia left off would obviously be a great thing.

-Jim W.

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For almost two years there have been rumours and promises about a long awaited box-set that has not been released, don't get me wrong but the whole thing has been delusional and sometimes dodgy, and the beautiful design of the non-existing box-set that a powderworker found on a designer website some weeks a go was the final straw, gosh, the box design was fantastic! hate to say that, but too good to be true.
 Now it seems that it's turn for rumours about a band reunion. Well, everything is quite confusing and sometimes disappointing, it raises expectations and then nothing, well, a best-of album that now rests in everyone's shelves, but let's face it, just a few are going to play it more than once, not because we don't like it, we love it! but because we already have these songs.

Honestly, I miss the times when the news about the Oils were extremely rare but always based on facts.
The Break's new album is a fact, can't wait!
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James Warren

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