Midnight Oil

Subject: Essential Oils song selection
From: Stephan Jšnsch
Date: 14/11/2012, 10:51 pm
To: Powderworks

Seeing through the song selection on Essential Oils I actually think it is an excellent representation of the band's career! Apart from a few exception these ARE the essential tracks from each album. Everyone has their personal faves so I personally would have exchanged:

Powderworks for Wedding Cake Island
Bedlam Bridge for One Country
Cemetery In My Mind for White Skin Black Heart
Too Much Sunshine for Luritja Way

But it certainly serves the purpose to introduce the whole width of the musical spectrum to newcomers! Who thinks of other "essential" tracks that are missing or which ones you think not that essential but made it onto the compilation (keep it to 36 tracks and every studio album/EP must be represented)?