Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Oils everywhere
From: Kate
Date: 6/11/2012, 8:02 pm
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I thought it was promising that the farewell tour is sort of on the cards and that bones questions why they ever stopped - bring on the election!

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Outstanding MusicMax special on the Oils over the weekend.  2012 interviews with the 4 in Oz and Bones overseas.  Clips, news..the whole thing.  I'm hoping Max show it again, will let everyone here know. http://www.maxtv.com.au/pages/main-menu/max-tv/shows/max-the-artist%E2%80%99s-story--midnight-oil
The Oils were everywhere over the weekend..other than the above Rob was guest on the syndicated show Dave Gleeson has 'Rock of Ages'.  Talking all things Oils interspersed with tracks.  Great stuff.
PS....WTF is up with Progress on Essential Oils?  If that is a taste for a remixed/remasterd Species...DAH!