Midnight Oil

Subject: FW: Oils everywhere
From: "jeremy peisley" <jp1975@optusnet.com.au>
Date: 6/11/2012, 9:04 pm

The one thing I noticed across all the TV, radio & print media is that every time the question was posed about the possibility of the oils playing again, there was a positive response from all especially peter’s response from the ABC radio interview. Aside from the fact that logistically there where issue’s for him, he was very responsive to the idea of it being a possibility. Now that just needs to be turned into a defiantly.  Rob stated that he misses playing the songs & bones said he doesn’t know why they ever stopped, Jim is up for it & martin – lets he’s actions do the talking


On the shortest notice, people put there lives’ on hold to come from all points of the globe to be in Canberra in 2009 & it’s something I’ll always remember. Garrett is in politics for the long haul & even if Labour do get flogged in the next election unless there’s some change of heart or Kevin Rudd is re installed as the leader ( for which he has stated he will not serve under) I don’t see him deviating from the path, but everyone needs to unwind from the stresses of work & what better way to do that by treading the boards from time to time


All we need is a place & time & we will flock from far and wide to be there.