Midnight Oil

Subject: When were the 1st appearances on U.S. television?
From: Chris Hurd
Date: 4/11/2012, 1:17 am
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

Howdy from Texas to the Workers of the world!

It's really nice to see all of the recent activity on this list, so I
thought it might be a good time to query my fellow American Powdies
about some early Oils trivia. I am wondering what were the first
appearances of Midnight Oil on U.S. network television. I know I saw
them somewhere / sometime on late night television quite a bit prior
to MTV. For the longest time I thought I had seen them on either Don
Kirshner's Rock Concert (last on air in 1981) or Burt Sugarman's
Midnight Special (also last on air in 1981). But then just yesterday I
discovered this clip on YouTube from Thicke Of The Night, a late night
talk show with Alan Thicke, in 1984:


And now I'm thinking, this is probably the one I had seen so long ago
before the big U.S. breakout with D&D in 1987. That is, unless you
folks are aware of any other U.S. televised appearances, whether they
were live or pre-recorded. I'm suffering not just the confusion of
age, but also the fact that back then I was young and foolish, and may
have been smoking a bizarre tobacco substitute at the time.

The clip from the Alan Thicke show linked above is really very good in
my opinion, and I'm almost ready to settle on it as the lingering hazy
memory of my first visual exposure to Midnight Oil, because it sure
rings a loud and noisy bell. Still really curious about what else is
out there from the Oils in the U.S. broadcast past though. Thanks in