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Subject: Re: ABC Special Broadcast
From: "Jan" <joolsaz@yahoo.com>
Date: 20/10/2012, 7:30 am
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I am normally not good with computers, but it looks like you can stream Radio National shows - I am listening to Saturday Extra right now.  Granted, it means being up at 2am on Friday the 2nd (for those of us in US/PDT) but it will be worth it  :-) I know on 3AW the AFL blocks streaming content of footy but hopefully Radio National will be more generous.  I am going to search on my internet radio tonight as well.  If someone has a simple way to record streaming content, let me know and I will grab it.
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If I can find ABC Radio National on my dial I will record and share this at


As good as my tuner sounds it is analogue, so if someone else has a digital
tuner that would be a better source for recording.


Better still, I wonder if "the office" may be prepared to release a lossless
pre-FM version after the show has been broadcast? Are there any
powderworkers connected to the office who can ask?





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Ok I really need to beg now.... Please, someone here, please, pretty
please... If someone can record this and share it with the world (well non
aussie people) that would be sooooooooo cool. I'm quite sure that this will
end up somewhere on the net but I'm still begging cause I'm dying to hear
this (cool visuals by the way)
I hope the documentary will end up on the net too...

On 19 Oct 2012, at 10:46, Stephan Jšnsch wrote:

I trust someone's gonna record that!!!





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