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Date: 24/09/2012, 1:08 pm

I’m seeding it as well, and will for a while.





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As the original uploader of this torrent I just tried to seed it again but for some reason it wants to download it all (which I cannot since I do not have sufficient ratio on DaD and I have reached the 5GB cycle). I tried with both the original .torrent as well as the one on the site. between then and now DaD decided to terminate my account so I had to re-register a few months back and it may have thrown the system a curve ball it can't handle. sorry. I guess I can re-upload but this will just create a duplicate entry, which is silly


the guy who filmed it, is indeed very generous but on his request shall remain nameless



How could people get so unkind?



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And only if you're lucky, someone else may actually make the files they have down loaded available as a share to you. I will log on now to help you out but I suspect this will be a short list.

816 807 1566

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--- Eugene wrote:
> Can you share the link for these videos?Thanks!
yes, of course. my apologies. i forgot to mention the 12.03.09 17 track dvd is available via: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=249916

you will need to register. that may take a few tries over an unknown period of time. i think it took me 2 weeks for a space to open. this is where i have acquired the vast bulk of my Oils live collection. ~> Thanks Again to scmods & The Oilman for their generosity :)
> trying to sync up the fresh audio on Itunes while watching the footage on Windows Media Player. Got it pretty much spot on after a dozen tries ... ~> Thanks Oils for sharing the mp3. ~> Thanks to the person who exceptionally filmed generously shared 17 tracks from 12.03.09 :)