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From: Stuart Fenech
Date: 17/09/2012, 8:12 am
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I'd like to participate in this debate but have little to note other than politics pervades every aspect of or lives... Even within powderworks. Who'd a thunk it? :)

Anyway, I am unlikely to purchase the new best of, having everything, but it's better than nothing, and it's not bad for a best of. Covers all eras, something not really done with previous compilations, and it looks like they've done some new art etc, so there's reasonable effort in there.

I'd pick up remasters of the entire back catalogue if the mastering is decent (I swear something isn't right with the mastering on the new Go Betweens best of I have here...) :)

Compilations. As inevitable as death and taxes.



On Sep 17, 2012 7:56 AM, "Bawolski" <bawolski@aol.com> wrote:

I've got no problem with this release, as I mentioned in an earlier post I was just surprised they didn't do it sooner.� At any rate I've already
ordered my copy.� Even if you have all of the Oils CDs �I believe the remastered versions of a lot of these tracks have never been released on cd before
so there's one good reason to get it.� Not to mention free shipping (at least in the U.S.).� But nobody's forcing anyone to buy it.� You know that sooner or later the stuff that we hardcore fans want it�going to come out.�
For those of you that are unhappy about�this - it could be worse.� I've been a fan of the Who for years and they probably have more compilation albums than albums of new material.�
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Fair dinkum.

What is with some of you?

If you don't like the offering, and you HAVE to say something, maybe make your point kindly and leave it at that.

You call yourselves fans, then berate the band for decisions which you may not have made under the same circumstances.

You will note, I hope, that some of us here like what is on offer (though maybe we could have wanted individual changes -- that is always going to be the case) and that there is likely more to come.

As my Mum would have rather reservedly told us when we ranted like� this as kids, "Close your trap.� If you haven't anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

On 17/09/12 00:04, forbsforsco wrote:

I agree with Adrian...

3 compilation CDs in 15 years...WTF! The press release mentions that the tracks were "handpicked" by the band, but it looks more like a singles collection. The title is bad and the showbag is cringeworthy.

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> Begin rant now...
> A complete and utterly pointless venture. Where do I start (and how much time do I waste on this?). Firstly, the Oils were the product of an era when albums mattered and they were an album band. These compilations make little sense when the material is presented out of context. Anyone remember the experience of absorbing those early albums on vinyl? Particularly the way Head Injuries, Place Without... and 10-1, had the most awesome flow, with the perfect opening and closing tracks for each side? I've never understood why the Oils would bother with a best of; let alone three of them! What did Morrissey sing; "...re-issue re-package, re-package, re-evaluate the songs, double-pack with a photograph, extra track and a tacky badge, best of, most of, satiate the need, slip them into different sleeves, buy both, and feel deceived..." Even more so in this age of digital music. Anyone one here could already create this playlist in their chosen digital music player to emulate this "essential" collection. Is it supposed to matter more because the band chose the songs? No great surprises in the track-listing that I can see. And don't even start me on the fact that disc two may as well be a completely different band from disc one. I'm happy for anyone for whom this floats their boat, but wake me when the real preservation of the Oils legacy starts.
> End of rant.
> Adrian
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> > So, it seems this is what's going to be:
> > http://www.sanity.com.au/products/2215510/Essential_Oils
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> > Curious about the actual tracklist and if there's some surprise in there...
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Stephan
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