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Date: 12/09/2012, 4:55 pm
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Also in the news on Jim's Site:

"There has been some activity to do with a new Midnight Oil release, stay tuned."

Huge, indeed!



Am 12.09.2012 06:49, schrieb The Oilman:

Huge news Jeremy! Thanks for passing that along.
on a side Powderworker note, I went to see THE FIXX in concert last month, ran into some big Oils fans, was cool to chat and catch up. I think one of them was on Powderworks for a while. Was cool. Let me tell you, mentioning you are mentioned (not by name) in the Willie's Bar and Grill book holds WAY MORE weight with a Oils fan than it does to your average Joe!

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    been advised from the office the following for all & sundry. Sure
    to get people talking

    *Website*–we are sorry__for the delay. It will go live this Friday
    14th. There will be some surprises we hope you will all enjoy
    including a free download of a track from Canberra which has been
    mixed by Phil McKellar and sounds great!

    *New release* - the band have been working hard behind the scenes
    to put something together for the fans in time for Xmas (what it
    is wasn’t mentioned, but an announcement shouldn’t be too far away)

    Aside from those things, keep an eye out for the Julian Assange
    telemovie – spot the midnight oil tshirt -