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Terry, I think I was right after you, as I logged in at work! It was amazing to me
that the Internet was on there ALL THE TIME. No dialing up! I was working
at CNN/SI, which was dead a few years later, but we had tons of down time.
I spent a lot of time looking up everything I could on the Oils.
What fun.

"I'm too old to be governed by the fear of dumb people."
Sam Waterston as Charlie Skinner
The Newsroom, HBO

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Awesome Terry!! Glad my cassette tree of that one was well listened to!! LOL
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I think I joined around '93. Maybe early '94. I just remember that I was
in college, and I subscribed through the only email account I had -- my
student account. To access my account I had to log on AT SCHOOL, which
meant taking time specifically to walk over to the computer lab to catch up
on my powderworks reading. Then one day, my account is disabled and I go to
speak to the admin about it. Seems my inbox was full up, which no student
had done before, and the admin had to dump half my emails to recover my
account. Wow, we were sure prolific in those days!

I would have to wait another 9 years before getting to actually see the band
in person, but you guys made every show seem so real with your detailed
reviews of the band in concert and the 'workers you met up with.

And I still have my white Powderworks "Two Sticks" shirt and some old
cassette dupes from The Oilman -- "Ebb Tide and The Shorebreakers" being a
prized possession of mine!

Hope the band gives us a reason for the list to continue sooner rather than


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