Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Midnight Oil show in Porto Alegre city, Brazil, 1994 - Earth and Sun and Moon Tour
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Date: 1/08/2012, 11:41 am

Just for the info, the date was actually 12th March 1993.
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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Midnight Oil show in Porto Alegre city, Brazil, 1994 - Earth and Sun and Moon Tour

ok Jeremy, you welcome...

It`s the first time I put this show on the web...for sure any of you never heard this show before...

2012/7/31 jeremy peisley <jp1975@optusnet.com.au>

Its working my friend. Thank you for that. Never heard this one before


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Subject: [powderworks] Midnight Oil show in Porto Alegre city, Brazil, 1994 - Earth and Sun and Moon Tour



Hi all,


As many of you ask me in private mode to send the files I made a .zip file and put in Depositfiles.com website for download.


Peter talking poor portuguese with people is wonderfull...funny!


Estamos aqui para tocar para voces! (We are here to play for you!)


Esta musica � do novo disco Earth and Sun and Moon! (This music is from the new album Earth and sun and Moon!)



Please, let me know if the link is working ok or not!



Marcelo Leismann




2012/7/30 Patrick Joller <patrick@propagandagem.com>



I am interested....




On 30 Jul 2012, at 16:34, Marcelo Leismann wrote:



Hi all,

I would like very much to hear some news about Oils exhibittion.... For sure I�ll be there..... a trip between Brazil and Australia requires a little time for programming.

In time, I have a Oils show recorded here in Brazil. One show that I attended in Porto Alegre city, Brazil, 1994, Earth and a Sun and Moon album.

If any of you are interested I can provide the mp3 files.



2012/7/30 jeremy peisley <jp1975@optusnet.com.au>



the Oils exhibition announcement is likely to be made in September and I'm not supposed to say anything about it before it's made official.  It'll take place late 2013/early 2014 in Sydney.



there's a Channel 9 telemovie in the making that the clan may be interested in.  It's called 'Underground' and it's about Julian Assange's early years in Australia as an activist/hacker.  He was an Oils fan and there are a few mentions woven into the plot.  I think he named a worm after them.   I think that goes to air around October.



The Oils website was to be up again on August 1 - but they're running late and now aiming for August 10.


I had a call from Ray Argall who shot Capitol Theatre.  He has some film in the can from around then. He went on the road with them.  He's thinking of putting something together from the footage he's got - but it would be a 2 year + project.  He's got a lot of footage of the guys at rehearsals, that sort of thing (shes�s talking the run of shows at the horden). It was around the period of Pete's senate run.