Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Oils "live" in the 70s
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Midnight Oil

take a picture of them with your camera
Miron How could people get so unkind?

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No, I've never posted the pictures as they are much larger than my scanner so never bothered to find a way to digitize them.
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Great story. Have the photos been posted anywhere?
I'd love to see them.

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 Had to share this story based on Andrew's comment. On the last Capricornia tour leg, on night I mentioned to Martin that I had an old photograph of him that I was going to bring for him to sign and that I'd see him backstage the next night. He asked about it, I coyly responded that he had quite the beard going in the photo to which he replied, "Oh, you mean Jim", based on the time frame and Jim having auctioned his beard on eBay, etc. I laughed and said, no, that it was indeed him that there is no mistaking his face, and that Jim also had a big grizzly beard in the same pic. The look on his face was priceless, and low-key Martin's only response was a pretty funny, "oh-oh, that must be quite the old picture". I told him to not think of it that way as saying the picture was really old was akin to saying that he was old, and that I knew that wasn't the case ;-) We had a good chuckle.
Of note, the night I brought the pics to get signed, they didn't have a Liquid8 event like a lot of us street-teamers got at some other shows, but they did have a public signing after the show in a tent on the festival grounds. Pete had quite the reaction to the picture of him with hair and was fixated on the voice box or whatever it was that he had on stage for some vocal effects. It was a quite a reaction by them all. Jim immediately wrote his address on the back of one of them asking me to send him a copy to which the tour manager was flipping out about that he would freely do that. I even got mentioned in Rob's book about bringing old photos to get signed. So when you read that part in Willie's Bar and Grill, that's me.
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Wow! I didn't think there was much I hadn't see footage wise from the Oils but apparently there's still some gems around!! I had to replay it and pause to see if that really was Martin or some other stand in or unknown that I didn't know about! Love it! That's gold!!!!

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G'day all,
There was a mention in the thread of the absence of any live footage prior to 1980, which led me to recall a posting from a while back where someone had dug up such a clip. A quick check of youtube turned it up (see link below). It's sort of half live really - a show for TV cameras rather than in front of an audience, so I'm guessing the performance might not be as dynamic as it would have been in had it involved the seething masses. Nonetheless, it's worth a look - the picture quality is way way better than you might expect for something 35 years old, and for novelty value, you can see a bit of peach fuzz (or in Aussie vernacular, bum fluff) atop PG's head. Getting permission to use such clips in a commercial environment is probably the main reason it's taking a bit longer for the Big Release.
Anyway, without further ado...