Midnight Oil

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Date: 29/03/2011, 9:21 am
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Midnight Oil

I'm sure he did. 

Although I am hopeful about seeing "The Break" tour in the U.S. sometime in 2011-12, I shouldn't get too spoiled enough to expect it.....

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Wow.  Caught him in Boston, huh?  Very cool!


Yeah, I got a chance to chat with Bones right after the Oils show in Kansas City in 2002.  I gave him a CD of a now defunct band that drew much inspiration from the Oils.  The bass player for that band was supposed to have gone with me, but he was in the hospital – hence, the offering of the CD.  My friend was grateful to me and very surprised that I did that.  And I was very happy that Bones accepted the CD graciously.


To this day, I like to think that Bones actually listened to it and could hear his influence on the music of a very talented, and appreciative, bass player.  :o)






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So- as fate would have it, I went to Johnny D's in Boston last night, and there was Bones, playing upright bass, with only Elizabeth Cook and the guy on guitar. It's not my kind of music, but it was still interesting, to see Mr. Hillman doing something different, and hearing his voice backing up on totally different songs that we would normally associate him with. Elizabeth Cook told some interesting stories about how she got into the music business and her encounter with Lou Reed, and did some clog dancing at one point, which was pretty neat. 

But once the show ended, I went up to the man I came to see, and he was VERY approachable, and when I mentioned that I emailed him, he remembered my name! He signed my Capricornia CD, and I got this photo-op on my camera-phone, although the bad lighting kinda fucked things up a little. I couldn't believe how kind and personable he was. 


Since I moved to the North Shore area of Mass. I've had memorable encounters with Daniel Johnston and Les Claypool in Beantown, but I never dared to dream that I'd get a chance to meet ANY of the Oils!  It's a good way to start a new chapter, as I am about to leave this area after 10 years, and start a new era as I move across the state to the Berkshires. 

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