Midnight Oil

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Date: 18/03/2011, 6:45 pm
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Midnight Oil

who has NINE kids?!?! thats crazy....

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Hello All

Pete gave me this kit when i was around 12 to practice on, about a
year later he came and got it for the P&P video clip.
After that i didn't see it again....

He told me they had used it for a bit of recording and some gig's
around Byron and after that he gave it to his Guitarist who had 9 kids
for them to practice on. That was 1993!!!

Last week i ran into the youngest son Jera and asked him what ever
happened to the old Gracy ?

He said it was sitting in the back of his Dad's shed in Suffolk Park
and if i wanted it to go get it.......So i did.

She is a little worse for wear and is weathered but she still has
life left in her!!

Anyway i thought you powder-workers would enjoy seeing this old kit....

Cheers Jon