Midnight Oil

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Date: 24/02/2011, 9:58 am
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Hi Winnie,

According to the Beds are burning book, he couldn't handle the life on the road the other band members were thriving on.

He was part of a duo on the 80s which released at least one single - it was about nuclear war as I recall.

As to his current state of liveliness - no idea!


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Subject: [powderworks] Andrew james
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hi folks,
can you tell me what is the reason why Andrew james left the band ? i have read several times that it's because he was ill, but what was the illness ? and does someone know if he's still alive ?

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Subject: [powderworks] Re: Favorite covers

Definitely Red Sails...
The single of Power & The Passion..
KOTM is pretty groovy...
Don't Wanna Be the One is a bit weird and low budget.
Armistace Day is great art...
Head Injuries is very cool PG in full effect...

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> Hey folks, what are you favorite Oils covers?
> I really like the Blue Sky Mining singles covers, Bedlam Bridge and Forgotten Years...
> I read somewhere that someone in the band didn´t like the ESMoon cover. I agree with him.
> cheers