Midnight Oil

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From: Miron Mizrahi
Date: 12/02/2011, 5:16 pm
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Midnight Oil

nothing. you can find something wrong with anything. this guy insists on doing it with Beds. he misses the point, but such attempts usually do. ignore.

How could people get so unkind?

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Subject: [powderworks] FW: beds are burning article


Not quite sure what to make of this one:

"There comes a time in every American’s life when he or she must select a political identity. America not exactly being a land of subtlety, there are only two choices. Should I be a selfish, greedy asshole who refuses to give one solitary shit about other human beings? Or should I be a naïve, idealistic weenie who is too attached to the idea of being a good person to ever get my hands dirty by participating in the real world? Fortunately, there is no middle ground.

"If there is any other country in the world that aspires to America’s reductive cowboy mentality, it is Australia. Judging by the output of Midnight Oil, this must drive Australian liberals absolutely batty  ...."

see the whole (much longer) article here: http://www.toponemillion.net/2010/01/999842-midnight-oil-beds-are-burning.html