Midnight Oil

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Midnight Oil

Not to mention the 'ASTOUNDING' new track that is still forthcoming ('YES! YES! YES!), as of 5 October.
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Shark attack hey? Looking forward to some manic keyboards from Jim!

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>From triple j
All-male Finn Brothers tribute due Nov 12 

Back in 2005 we got the compilation She Will Have Her Way, a collection of songs written by Neil and Tim Finn covered by female singers from Australia and New Zealand. 

Now an all-male version is on the way. He Will Have His Way will be released on November 12 as a sixteen track CD, with a bonus track added to the digital release.

A handful of the tracks on the original compilation have been covered again, like 'Four Season In One Day', 'Distant Sun' and 'Better Be Home Soon'. But there are plenty of great new inclusions too.

Here's the track list:

1. I Feel Possessed - Oh Mercy
2. Distant Sun - Chris Cheney
3. Fall At Your Feet - Boy & Bear 
4. Four Seasons in One Day - Paul Kelly & Angus Stone 
5. She Got Body, She Got Soul - Glenn Richards 
6. Addicted - Paul Dempsey 
7. Message To My Girl - Jimmy Barnes
8. I See Red - Art Vs Science 
9. I Got You - Philadelphia Grand Jury 
10. Better Be Home Soon - The Sleepy Jackson 
11. Private Universe - Artisan Guns 
12. Not Even Close - Darren Hayes 
13. Shark Attack - The Break with Dan Sultan 
14. Poor Boy - Perry Keyes 
15. Better Be Home Soon - Busby Marou 
16. Kiss The Road To Rarotonga - Kody Nielson
17. Angels Heap - Perry Keyes [Bonus Track on digital release]

Get more info on the release http://www.facebook.com/HeWillHaveHisWay.