Midnight Oil

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From: Giles Beysecker
Date: 2/10/2010, 6:15 am
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Midnight Oil

 I vote for this!
Some of these tracks never reached the stores of the old continent...or in a very secret manner like this German bonus track! It never came across the border....

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How about this for a tracklisting? it comes in at a perfect 79 minutes and 58 seconds. No non album b-side is missing! Come on lads.

Let's get this released.

1.You may not be released (b-side to Forgotten Years)
2.I see you (b-side to Underwater)
3.Heaven and earth (b-side to Cemetry in my mind)
4.Kiss that Girl (bonus track on German version of Capricornia)
5.Ships of Freedom (b-side to In the Valley)
6.No Mans Land (One off single from Gaia project)
7.Kolele Mai (b-side to My Country)
8.Smash the wobbleboard (Jim singing) (b-side to Underwater) 
9.Wharf Rat (Grateful Dead cover)
10.Land (One off single with Hothouse Flowers, Tragically Hip, Daniel Lanois & Crash Vegas)
11.Instant Karma (live) (John Lennon cover) (b-side to King of the Mountain) 
12.(What's so funny about) Peace Love & Understanding (Nick Lowe cover) (b-side to Put Down that Weapon)
13....and the band played Waltzing Matilda (live) (Cover of Eric Bogle classic)(b-side to Surfs up Tonight)
14.Pub with no beer (Slim Duty cover)(b-side to Redneck Wonderland)
15.Eye Contact (live) (b-side to The Real Thing)
16.Frontier...what frontier? (b-side to White Skin, Black Heart) 
17.Devilfish Shuffle (b-side to Cemetry in my mind) 
18.Kingdom of Flaunt (b-side to Underwater)



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what is the difference between the normal version and the 5.1 version ?

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And what about 5.1 mixes? 
I loved Capricornia in 5.1.  Everytime I listen to Redneck I start to dream about it in 5.1.  Or how about Alas Fokloric in 5.1?  That would be special as well.

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The last fan-made compilation I remember being mentioned on Powderworks was back in 1997, so it obviously never had any of the RW b-sides.  Since then, Powderworks has adopted a "no trades of copyrighted material, even if it's out of print" philosophy, so you'll only see bootlegs of gigs getting traded these days.  That said, perhaps someone will contact you off-list.
This brings up a glaring omission in the Oils catalogue:  Why the hell isn't there a commercially-available b-sides disk?  Even the 8-song promo "Best of the B-sides" from the 20,000 Watt RSL era is 50% live stuff.  Imagine a compilation of all the non-live, non-remix b-sides, with the cream of the live/remix library filling out the disk (or a second disk, most likely).  I would buy the hell out of that!  The material is already there, recorded and waiting.  There's no expectation of a tour or anything.  I can't imagine that it would be a money-losing proposition, even if sales are just to the devoted fans...
Oh, well... I can dream!

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Subject: [powderworks] B-Sides Collection

Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for the B-sides from the "Redneck Wonderland" singles and other CD singles, does anyone know of an or have fan made collection?

Thank you for your time.