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Subject: RE: [powderworks] Hey! I remember that fish ...
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Date: 16/07/2010, 5:35 am
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So... is it once again time to argue over what would comprise a Breathe EP?  ;-)
My Breathe EP:
1) Surf's Up Tonight
2) Barest Degree
3) Bring On the Change
4) E-Beat
If you define "EP" liberally, add:

E-Beat is a classic, particularly the live version from the Redneck Ramblings bootleg.  ALL of the Breathe songs seem so much more vital and "Oil-y" when played live, freeing them from Malcom Burn's muting, muddling influence...
so... let the perpetual debate begin anew!

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I LOVE Underwater ... can't get it out of my head in those rare times that I get to play in the surf with my body board or surfyak. 

But E-beat has to be one of my all-time Oily faves.  I have an enduring connection with E-Beat and surf and the carnival-ish seaside town that surrounds my favorite break ...
"The devil was a dancing on the old foreshore
Hitting up on bright lights and the liquor stores"
I loved it when the random shuffle function cued it up for me on my i-touch as I was leaving there a couple weeks ago.

As for "Surfs Up Tonight" ... I forgot it was on that album because I never ripped it.  I have long maintained that Breathe should have been an EP, but when I put that up for Powderworkers to pick the 4 or 5 cuts, well ... no consensus.

My most powerful associations with the entire album come from great screaming piles of angst - when I finally got back to my lab on 9/11/01, it was the only CD I had with me.  A horrified mess, and stressed from keeping everybody else around me calm, I crawled under my desk to listen to it with head phones in fetal ball mode.  More recently, cuts I rarely listen to crept into my head when I was down in New Orleans in late January.  After touring the still unrepaired devastation in the 8th and 9th wards, it was all I could do to get a gigantic toxic-waste orange alcohol slurpee and put Breathe on repeat while roaming the French Quarter and that Famous Cemetery.  In that sense, the album as a whole is serious thumbsucking music.  (http://www.flickr.com/photos/multimodalmama/sets/72157623301508792/) BTW, does anyone know which tracks were laid down in the Big Easy?

Of course, the modern track-by-track way of storing and listening to music tends to redeem this album - keep what you like, ditch what you don't, and organize it in the way you think it should go.


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Glad to hear there's two of us!

Breathe's funny - seems to be the least liked MO album on the Powdies list. I must admit that everytime I hear it I like it more - Sins of omission is great, with that menacing intro. I even like the rolling guitar picking sounds at the intro (and other points) of One too many times.

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You're not the only one who likes it, but that album sure had some clunkers. Surfs Up Tonight and One Too Many Times are my least favorite Oils songs.
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A dark silhouette flashes by in the wet
It is glistening flesh in the deep marine...

And from previous posts I realise I'm probably in a minority of one,
but I love this song!

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