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Subject: Re: [powderworks] What does Powderworks mean?
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Date: 16/04/2010, 10:09 pm
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While we are in trivia mode, where does "sprint" come from?

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Subject: Re: [powderworks] What does Powderworks mean?

Garrett used to live on powderworks rd on the northern beaches.....this is where it stemmed from.

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On 16/04/2010, at 1:27 PM, Kate Adams <kate@dnki.net> wrote:


I suspect that it is a metaphor for a very volatile situation ... minutes to midnight and all of that.  I wouldn't be surprised if it also refers to a specific historical location.  That would be a very oily thing to do. 

My husband and his friends used to run around a state park with a "closed" section that wasn't ever patrolled but was packed in with the remains of a WWII era bomb-making installation.  It was essentially in ruins, and they, being kleptomaniacal adolescents, looted a fair amount of the blast protective stuff from the site - things like blast domes over light fixtures and such.  It was a very creepy place, but it always put that song to mind for me.


On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 10:56 PM, Kevin Yates <kyates@bne.catholic.edu.au> wrote:

I had always thought that P'works was about the nuclear threat in the 70's/80's. World is/was like a powderworks ready to explode.
Sh*t storm a coming
Coming soon
Fat boys call the tune
Two sticks - always thought these were like fire sticks/fire lighters, ready to ignite
run no race, ain't no prize - arms race?
etc etc etc
I could be reading too much into it.

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Subject: Re: [powderworks] What does Powderworks mean?


A "powderworks" is a gunpowder factory, yeah. The significance to this list is the record label of the same name, founded by Midnight Oil and Gary Morris, on which Midnight Oil, Head Injuries and Bird Noises were released. (along with a few other Australian acts from the same era - some early Spy vs Spy material, including the first proper album, "Harry's Reasons", for instance)

Why do the lyrics of Powderworks talk about a powderworks in the first place? That, I don't know.

- Chris

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 11:08 AM, Glitch Baby <glitchbaby1976@yahoo.com> wrote:

As a veteran member of this group, I am embarrassed to ask this, but here goes.

Tonight I was wearing my longsleeve maroon Powderworks shirt (remember those?) and my fiance asked what "powderworks" meant.  I quoted the lyric that it comes from, which helped somewhat, but we still couldn't really define it.

Am I just being thick?  Is this something I don't understand because I'm American?  Obviously it has something to do with explosives but does it have a more specific meaning than that?


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