Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Re: I delivered Howards Eviction Notice at Kirribilli House (NMOC)
From: RM
Date: 27/11/2007, 12:53 pm
To: powderworks

on 27/11/07 12:28 rick said the following:
                               I personally found the last 11 years more offensive than the original email.
This comment gave me the footing to reflect on this discussion.

I perceive the human landscape of the world to be a very wrinkly thing, with so many corrugations that it is beyond any human perceiving what the hell is really going on anymore.
As such governments are now more than ever compelled to just "do stuff" that we don't know about. It's supposed to be for our good.  I could (past tense) wear that as a pragmatist.

But I just stopped believing anymore. 
Somewhere about when children were being thrown overboard, and then not so, and AWB was trucking billions of dollars to Saddam Hussein, and when interest rates were *our* doing, and then not so, and when Iraq was all about WMD, and then not so, and then the children in the NT needed to be saved ... and all the while millions of voluntarily immobile rich beings can watch from gucci lounge chairs while millions of involuntarily immobile poor beings die, then just flick on another Hollywood KillEmAll video to reinforce the moral relativity of everything.

I just stopped believing.

Everything ... Howard and the Anti-Howard alike ... are just ones of billions of wrinkles in the human landscape.  Forever jostling for personal space.  Constantly picking each others pockets.  Howard is just the one in front of the cameras.  That's all that distinguishes him from so many others.

Those who intend ironing out wrinkles in the human landscape better be prepared for an endless and conflict-filled journey.  That might be a worthwhile journey, but it *will* be endless and conflict-filled.