Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: File sharing advice in general
From: "brian_d_blankenship" <brian@wesmax.net>
Date: 21/11/2007, 2:23 pm
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

I have recently rejoined Powderworks, so please excuse me if this has
been covered before.

The Live Music Archive (LMA) <http://www.archive.org/details/etree>  is
part of Archive.org a website dedicated to archiving "the digital world"
(movies, music, written word, etc), a sort of digital non-profit
library.  The LMA has an enormous collection of live recordings of
bands, 2500+ bands with 44,000+ recordings.  In order for a band to be
included in the archive they (or their representative) has to provide
authorization.  I regularly record shows and upload them to the LMA for
bands that allow it.  My question is this, do you all feel that the Oils
would allow thier inclusion on the LMA and if so, does anyone know how
to contact the band or their representatives to discuss having them
authorize their inclusion on the LMA?

I would love to see the Oils live performances included in the archive
for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for your help,


Here is some more info on Archive.org and LMA.

About the Internet Archive <http://www.archive.org/about/about.php>