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Subject: Re: [powderworks] File sharing advice in general
From: "Beth Curran" <bcurran@columbus.rr.com>
Date: 20/11/2007, 12:12 am
To: "powderworks" <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au>, "RM" <m2k7@liveonthe.net>

No flame shields needed - this was a courteously worded and very timely reminder!
I seem to remember from historical discussions of this topic that when considering sharing of live recordings, one ought to consider the wishes of the band.  I believe that live show sharing was OK with the Oils members provided that none were ever sold or otherwise used as a source of profit, but I'm not sure whether this is an accurate recollection.  Youth and others could probably advise us better on that? - Beth
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Subject: [powderworks] File sharing advice in general

(flame shields up)
All and sundry,
Please be advised that sharing of potentially copyright materials is not advisable, given that recording industry entities are choosing to enforce copyright penalties with unrepentant vigour on those who "make available" copyright materials for duplication.
The Powderworks list has not historically reached a firm agreement as a community to either condone or condemn file sharing philosophically, however it is known to be illegal in some instances and legal in others, and the voluntary list administrators cannot usually ascertain whether a specific piece falls under a copyright agreement or not and therefore which instances are illegal and which are not. 
Hence, sharing of files is considered to be a matter for individuals to carefully ascertain whether the material is under copyright or not, so as to assess whether it can be shared or not. 
It has occasionally been suggested by inexpert opinion that material recorded at live shows may not be under copyright depending on the prevailing agreements at the time, but materials distributed by professional music businesses normally are under some form of copyright.  Any lawyers or industry professionals are welcome to make comment.
Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy your music and technology responsibly.  It may save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.   :)


Verdict Reached In RIAA Trial
jemtallon writes "The jury in the previously mentioned Captiol v Thomas story has reached a verdict. They have found in favor of the plaintiffs, Capitol, and ordered that she pay a $222,000 fine for 24 cases of copyright infringement."

on 17/11/07 12:07:
I am also settled now with access to the internet and will look to make some shows available through torrents - is this an acceptable method to share shows with the group ? I know I see mentions of sharing but am not totally sure how you are all doing this - am happy to share the goods around :)