Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Mona Vale Sunday 11 November
From: James Warren
Date: 12/11/2007, 5:03 pm
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That settles it. 3 out of 5 is a quorum, and Rob, Martin, and Jim need to continue as Midnight Oil. They've got the songs and apparently someone to sing them. And if they don't have 20 pre-existing songs that someone besides Garrett can sing, then they can fill their future concerts with their new material. I'd be as feverishly excited to go see such a Midnight Oil show as I used to be for classic Oils. I'm happy for Garrett's evolution into a new career, and I now realize that parallel to this, there is no reason the Oils can't continue.

Of course, it's not really my decision. But if there were some way for the band members to know that at least one hard core fan would still consider Midnight Oil legit, then there you go.

So who did sing Truganini anyway?

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Subject: [powderworks] Mona Vale Sunday 11 November

Sorry to everyone that couldn't attend but you really did miss a
fabulous gig, Rob, Martin, Jim and DC brought the house down and could
have played for the whole night. I will post some photos over the next
couple of days.

Cheers Jillian