Midnight Oil

Subject: reweeding closed, for now
From: "matty2e" <matttowey@hotmail.com>
Date: 5/11/2007, 10:01 am
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

Hi all,

Great response, so I have to close my offer to weed the Denver 1988 
show. I think my requirement for re-weeders to send 5 copies might be 
too extreme:  for the six of you who said you could re-weed, please 
send as many as you can (2 or 3 would be great).

I wanted to share this email from Roger:
"Hi - I am definitely interested in the music and can re-send to five 
others. Am kind of new to Powderworkers and am not sure what you may 
need from me at this point, but my address is below. 

My first Oils show was at Red Rocks. Having seen them a few times in 
Colorado and in other cities I'd have to say I think they always played 
a little bit better at altitude.... Thank you and best wishes -"
I throw this out there for three reasons:
1.  It is great that people are still "kind of new to Powderworkers."  
Another good reason to keep our little group going.
2.  Roger knows exactly where to see a show.  Red Rocks is the best.
3.  Does anybody know if there is a bootleg of this show? (June 15, 
1990) I was in the second row, and got a big high-five when Pete went 
nuts and ran into the crowd.  A tape of this show does not only seem 
rare--it does not seem to exist at all. 

Also, I received another question from a re-weeder: does anyone object 
to putting the shows out as bit-torrent?  I don't know a damn thing 
about this, so I leave it up to the group.