Midnight Oil

Subject: NMOC: JFC
From: Talisyn@aol.com
Date: 5/11/2007, 4:41 am
To: Talisyn@aol.com, powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

NMOC, but some MO themes.... surfing,redemption,compassion,environment,spirituality...

There was a drama that premiered on HBO this summer called "John From Cincinnati" that encompassed all of the above. HBO canceled it after only 10 episodes, for no measurable reason. Anyways, I am part of a grassroots effort to bring back the show- by seeking dialog with HBO -to find creative soloutuins to bring about more episodes. To that end, I have been working with folk over at savejfc.net
We are seeking to hear from fans/new fans of the show. I know as Oilfans, we all kind of vibe to the same interests....  
My part recently to the project was to write, compose and perform an original "theme" song for the savejfc.net  effort. So, I wrote the song, and if you can hang out to the end ( I'm no Sarah Bightman, sorry) you'll hear an Oily vibe to it. The vid part was done by a great guy, farleyfarls on youtube. Surfer oils will like the surf scenes.
I know I'm totally stretching the my long time worker list status here, but, would love some workers signatures on the petition to bring back "John From Cincinnati." And, if you want to hear my song, just click on the vid link that you'll see on the top left/center homepage "Get Back in the Game"
And....If I haven't totally alienated you for life already, please please go to the youtube page and be very kind and give it a good rating....Not because of my singing, but because we so want the campaign to do well.

Thank you so much, and if anyone of you have seen this show, I would love to talk to you about it, or into it :-)




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