Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: Your opinion of Pete's approval of the Pulp Mill
From: "hotlittlejorge" <hotlittlejorge@yahoo.com>
Date: 25/10/2007, 1:01 am
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

I respect Pete getting his hands on the issues and not doing what a
lot of his peers do in holding another benefit concert.  Benefit
concerts are great, but does anyone remember Live Aid?  They raised
enough money for debt relief to pay off the interest African nations
accrued during the concert.  Pete's trying to put his hands on the
macro tools available to all of us in a free society.  I may disagree
with the man often, but he's made significant sacrifices to do what he
is doing and will only fairly be judged by posterity and his own

On the other hand, people who run around talking about wanting their
money back for their 11 Oils albums have no credibility with me at
all.  Midnight Oil may have made you think, but let's all be honest,
they always said they wanted to make us dance, too.  People easily
offended by Giffo's bikinis, Pete's politics 25 years after Red Sails,
or Rob's writing with the Ghosties should be just that - offended by
those particular disagreements.  We are lucky to have the timeless
genius of Midnight Oil on compact disc and DVD.  The band was a sum
far greater than its parts, just like this fan community, and taking
any piece of it and judging the whole is just foolish.

You're all the coolest people I know,


--- In powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au, ashokachowta@... wrote:

I want to know something, what's your opinion on Peter Garrett
giving the approval for the Pulp Mill to go ahead, even though he says
as long it meets the environmental standards or something like that?,
I know he's losing fans, one fellow what's his money back from 11 Oils
albums be bought, there are people including environmentalists in his
electorate who are planning on voting him out, the Labor Party are
thinking of chnaging his portfolio. So what do you reckon, u think he
has sold out or not etc etc?

Personally I'm not jumping to any conclusions, I don't think we've
heard the full story of Peter's reasons. All will be revealed when if
the Labor Party wins

Oh and another thing and this makes me smirk now when I think about
it but I thought one of the reasons that Powderworks was closed might
be because of my and others occasional swearing. 

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