Midnight Oil

Subject: RE: [powderworks] Pete's approval of the Pulp Mill/Powderworks back form the Dead
From: Jo Daley
Date: 23/10/2007, 6:10 pm
To: Oils

'...Peter Garrett, Minister for the Environment, will be signing the ratification documents for the Kyoto treaty and preparing to implement a radical and far-reaching program on sustainable energy, pollution control and climate change.'
It's for reasons such as this article that the list has to continue. Where else could you go to find people who read this line and get a shiver up their spine (and cross their fingers at the same time)?
Like many others, the list is how I found out about the Manly gig. I still remember, when we were waiting for the doors to open, Erin from Newcastle asking how many Powdies were there and being astounded at how many people raised their hands.
It's also how you find out about new Backsliders albums, Rob's latest band/book/cd compilation, Bones' hi-jinks in the US, Jim's latest plunge into the world of music festivals and Giffo and those bikinis...
Quite simply, there ain't no-one like the Powderworkers.


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