Midnight Oil

Subject: I say the list should continue to exist
From: ashokachowta@iprimus.com.au
Date: 21/10/2007, 9:49 pm
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

as most of you will have noted, the Powderworks mailing-list 
has been closed for the past couple of weeks. I have asked 
the former list owner Cheryl to pass the list on to me so 
everybody can decide whether the list should continue to 

I say the list should continue to exist

Currently there are 640 members on the list. 
Regrettably, due to the temporal closing of the list, all 
past messages, files, photos and links have been lost so I'd 
like to ask you to contribute and help to rebuild these 

how do we go about doing that?

For now the big question is if this list should 
stay on at all considering that Midnight OIl is no longer. 

I say it should stay, the oils may have disbanded but the spirit and what
the band stood for should continue to live on, do it for the fans

I will start a poll on this soon. I am new to managing a 
mailing list so please bear with me if things don't run so 
smooth in the beginning. Finally, I want to thank Cheryl for 
hosting this list for the past couple of years and for giving 
me the opportunity to take over.

I can't see any need for a poll.  People who think there is no longer any
point to a Midnight Oil list can unsubscribe.  Those who think there is
stay.  Everyone's happy.

sounds pretty straightforward.