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Transcribed by Leandro dos Santos

Intro:   E5  then
E|-6-0-0-5-0-0-6-0-0-5-0-0--| (2x)

Em Em/C# C C/B  Em Em/C# C

       Em                   Em/C#
In the city the heart still whispers
        C              C/B
Flaking metal a silent witness
        Em                  Em/C#           C
There's chemical fields and cathode clouds

The milky way is emasculated as exhaust fans
  and smart cards shrink wrap the coloured air
  and send it coughing to eternity

We can see the bright light but we can't reach it
We are not afraid enough to call

Go back wrong way, you cannot stay, you cannot live here
Concrete you don't free my soul

D|--------------5-|   |----------------|
A|------2---5-----|2x |------2---3---2-|2x
E|-0--0---0---0---|   |-0--0---0---0---|

* Alternatively, you can use some Em variations here, like:
* Em7 - 3rd finger on and off D string (2nd fret);
* Em/C - 4th finger on and off A string (3rd fret).
   Em      Em7    Em      Em/C

* Then E5, some weird effects and back to verse chords

In the city the sound is biting
Cement fingers they are clutching
The emissary of trash decorates the way

D        Am
No wild acres you can see (you're yearning to breathe)
D        G                 C
Concrete you don't free my soul (you're twisted in the arms to see)
D         Am
Blackened hands and heart of steel
(don't consume or embellish, discard and expire)
D        G                 Riff1 (Em)
Concrete you don't free my soul

Concrete you don't free my soul


End: C5 A#5 C5 A#5 C5 (4x)

E5      x799xx
Em	022000
Em/C#	022020
C	032010
C/B	032000 (aka Em/C)
D	000232
Am	002210
G	320003
C5	x355xx
A#5	x133xx

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