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Transcribed by Jeff Scott


||:D              |Am                   |G                 |                   |
      1.There is a place    we're coming to

|D               |Am                   |G                 |                    |
        It is not green       it is not blue

|Bm                |Cadd9               |D                |                    |
        I hope that you            under-stand

|Am                        |                   |                               |
 Devil was a dancing on the old foreshore       Hittin' up on bright lights the
|1.                                                                                |
|                   |D        C      |D      C       |D       C       |D     C   :||
 liquor stores        Save me                  Please save me
|                       |D               |              |Am                        |
 some promised land      Save me                         Devil was a dancing on the

|                       |                               |                     |
 old foreshore           Hitting up on bright lights the liquor store yes help

|D     C     |D     C     |D     C     |D     C     |Em               |            |
 me                                                     The land lives longer if we

|             |C     G    |Em              |             |             |C     G    |
 listen to the earth beat      Our lives go forward if we listen to our heart speak

|Am             |                |Dm                 |Fmaj7   C       |Am          |
         Seasons won't falter         The stars won't fade___________a-way
               ____________________________________________________  ______________
              |1.                                                  ||2.
|             |D     C     |D     C     |D     C     |D     C     :||Dm            |
  I know                                                             Fade

|Fmaj7      C       |Am                |                |Dm                        |
 Fade_____________ a-way                                      They won't fade

|Fmaj7      Em       |D     C     |D     C     |D     C     |D     C     |Am   G   |

|F      G  |Am   G   |F      G  |D     C     |D     C     |D     C     |D    C     |

|Am   G   |F      G  |Am   G   |F      G  |D        ||

2.We've got to prick that bubble in the shopping arcade
  Gonna make amends for the things that we've said
  I do hope that you understand
  Dirty washing on the line footsteps in the sand
  Who's gonna lead us on to some promised land

3.I'm gonna find myself a place in the country
  Wake up and reach out and breathe real air
  Do you know how it feels, clean tissue, no scars

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