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Bring On The Change

Transcribed by Jeff Scott

Play with a Capo at second fret


                                            D                    A     Esus4

|A             |             |D            |A     Esus4   ||:A                     |
 (cont. sim bass)                                                  1.Here comes the

|                |D          |A     Esus4     |A                 |                 |
 angel of death                                    You may not re-member her yet

|D            |A     Esus4    |A                  |                   |D           |
                                      Concrete all over her face

|A      Esus4       |A                        |                    |D              |
                            Child bride of the human race

|A      Esus4       |D             |F/C          |A                 |F#m           |
                          Until you see                  Life in the forest

|D             |F/C           |A              |F#m           |D                |
      Until you hear             You've been a-bolished            Forget every-

|F/C              |A                    |F#m          |D               |F#         |
 thing    that you think     you've been promised          Bring on the change

|          |          |      E    :|||:A       |         |D        |A    Esus4   :||

|D               |F/C         |A            |F#m          |D            |F/C       |
     Lift up your eyes           Look to the heavens          Could be a sign

|A                |F#m           |D               |F/C        |A                   |
      Or a seven e-leven             Someday we'll see   every-thing   they've been

|F#m          |D                 |F#             |D               |F#              |
 selling             Bring on the change              Bring on the change    I say

|D           |             ||:F#        |       B/F#    |F#          |     B/F#    |

|B          |       B/F#    |D      E     :||F#           ||

2.Sunscreen all over your face
  Chatswood wasn't built in a day
  Mysteries are in this game
  Shine on take me away
  Heads in the bank, hearts in the closet
  Souls out to lunch will soon be upon us
  We believe everything that we see
  Let's be honest
  And bring on the change

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