Midnight Oil


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World That I See

Written by Moginie/Hirst

Duration 4:08

From the album Capricornia

in a country that we call home
in a land that's skin and bone
there's a place that¹s hardly known

mountains appearing with the sun
rivers of light they westward run
night is draining from the firmament

railway fettler broken down
on a branch line somewhere south
off the map and off the world

there is no end to the world that I see
there is no end to the world that I see

as we swing from star to star
we¹re not going very far
the land is hard and gives no quarter

the o'cannon garrison falls down
you cannot hear the church bell sound
the sun beats down and gives no sanctuary

as sure as I stand on this place
the spirit comes
let lightning strike and leave no trace