Midnight Oil


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Written by Peter Garrett

Duration 3:15

From the album Resist

Drive the Bowral road in autumn
The gibs on fire like a red plum
The burning colours beat the humdrum
As time goes by

I try to hold the vision slippery
The air is thickening in front of me
The scented gum it's a sweet sanctuary
As time goes by

I've still got a clear eye
Bathed in soft sunlight
I'm feeling the magic of the day

The Chinese empires' up and fighting
They got their weapons hi-tech spying
I get the feeling there's no hiding
As time goes by

The song of more is now a symphony
Conducted by the kings of gluttony
And as the centre melts in front of me
As time goes by

Still living the high life
Chasing those bright lights
Pretending that everything is okay

Wrapped up in our own flag
Can't carry our own swag
Over the precipice we sway