Midnight Oil


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Written by Midnight Oil

Duration 4:29

From the album Breathe

There is a place I was born
It is a place I've never seen
Don't even know where it is
Don't even know my name
Where is home where is my home I'm searching far and wide

It's a bastard song
It is a feeling that everything's wrong
But we are alive, we that have wings
We have devices can do anything
I say where is home, where is my home I hear my spirit cry

If you're out of transmission, way out on the road
If you're out of commission I can give you the code
Darkness is coming, and it's in your command
Time to be moving time

There is a town that I was born
Now there's a place I've got to call home
Where is home...
I hear my spirit cry...
It's in the clear blue sky