Midnight Oil


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Bring On The Change

Written by Midnight Oil

Duration 3:50

From the album Breathe

Here comes the Angel of Death
You may not remember her yet
Concrete all over her face
She's the child bride of the human race

Until you see life in the forest
Until you hear you've been abolished
Forget everything that you think you've been promised
Bring on the change

Sunscreen all over your face
Chatswood wasn't built in a day
Mysteries are in this game, shine on, take me away
Head's in the bank, heart's in the closet,
Soul's out to lunch, will soon be upon us
We believe everything we see, let's be honest
And bring on the change

Lift up your eyes, look to the heavens
Could be a sign or a seven-eleven
Someday we'll see everything they've been selling
Bring on the change.